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About us

Atlanta’s Francophonie Festival is organized by the Atlanta Francophonie Committee, a multi-cultural collaboration represented by the Consulates of Canada, France, Haiti and Switzerland, the American Association of Teachers of French, the Alliance Française of Atlanta, the French American Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta-Accueil and Ecole du Samedi.

The French language unites 200 million people in more than 56 countries around the world. In the Americas, it is spoken in Quebec, French Guiana, Louisiana and the Caribbean. It is also a tremendously important vehicular language in most of Africa and in the Arab World. Here in Georgia,investments from French speaking countries are responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs. France alone, with about 80 affiliates, creates over 11,000 jobs. The French language and the Francophone cultures are also very present in the Peach State with more than 46,000 students studying French and famous exhibits and cultural performances.

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