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Swiss Play : Les Papiers de l’Amour

The Francophonie Committe is very happy to promote and support The Company Apsara from Geneva (Switzerland) with their play Love Papers, by Slimane Benaïssa.

When: March 24, 2015, 7pm

Where: Alliance Française d’Atlanta Midtown | Colony Square, Suite 561 | 1197 Peachtree St. NE. Atlanta, GA 30361


Registration: follow the link to the Alliance Française d’Atlanta website

Performed in French

Following the presentation the Consulate General of Switzerland will offer a small reception. You will have the opportunity to meet the actors personally.

Do you remember Romeo and Juliet ?
Do you remember them belonging to rival families and their love having only death as an outcome ?
The story we propose could without a doubt be related to the one of the lovers from Verona.
The man, who is Palestinian, falls in love with a Swiss, Jewish woman.
A Jewish woman loves a Palestinian man.
They met in Geneva, by chance. They connected with each other, loved each other and are still in love today. Despite contemporary issues, despite their differences and their opposition, they love without disowning each other, nor denying their convictions. Beyond the unsaid and their secrets they love each other because it is possible and most of all in spite of all those saying it is impossible. They love each other with no need of justification, of authorization or identification papers. They love without permission because it was her and because it was him. This is what the poet said. Neither Romeo, nor Juliet, rather a Romeo and a Juliet who find a way they create together, while stumbling, of course, but still creating it together. A Romeo and a Juliet who do not want to suffer because of their entourages, their origins, contemporary issues and their dangers, but who want to refuse the burden on their love.

Romeo is Rachid. Juliet is Sarah.

A simple couple in which each finds, in the gaze of the other, the strengths, the pertinence and the joy to continue to move forward.

Director : Miguel V. Fernandez
Music : Luis Aballe and Ondina Duany
Play : Silvia Barreiros, Patrick Brunet, Roberto Molo
Lightening : Bernard Colomb

English synopsis for non-French speakers:

Love Papers